Our Story

In 1994 I was very close to opening a brewpub in the area but my career got in the way and I never did. I have always been fascinated by the science and art of producing spirits, wine and beer from an early age and I made it a lifelong goal of being involved in a satisfying way. When it came time to make a career switch I fulfilled that lifelong dream and dove in head first. The culmination of nearly two years of planning and building is our Pennsylvania Distilling Company.


While the multi-billion dollar spirits companies make good spirits, we at Pennsylvania Distilling Company believe that adhering to old fashioned principles such as using all natural ingredients and crafting our spirits totally from scratch for all of our products is important to people. That’s why you will never see us buying neutral spirits from another company and then re-distilling or blending those spirits and selling those products as our own. We adhere fully to the “grain-to-glass” principle and we believe you will find that to be important as well. We also feel strongly about being local and available. Knowing where and how your spirits are made and who makes them are fundamental to what Pennsylvania Distilling Company is all about. “Terroir” is every bit as important in the spirits world as it is with wines.


At Pennsylvania Distilling Company we will never rush our production to jeopardize quality. We have the flexibility of a small local distillery to invent and produce unique and different spirits because we believe that variety and differentiation make the spirits experience much more enjoyable for our customers. All of our products are hand-made in small batches with passion and care. It is our hope that what you see and experience in our bottles is a true reflection of those feelings.


Our Mission

We strive to produce truly unique, small-batch, craft spirits in the grain-to-glass tradition while using local ingredients whenever possible and specifying organic & non-GMO ingredients wherever possible. Furthermore, we will never blend or redistill 3rd party products and sell them as our own craft products.